TLC for Your Feline Friends Cat Sitting Boise

Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting Boise

TLC for Your Feline Friends Cat Sitting

Professional Cat Sitting Services include Play Time, Feeding, Home Sitting & Litter Box cleaning 

Royal Pet Care LLC’s cat sitting service is available in the entire Treasure Valley, Idaho. We treat your pet like our own and pride ourselves in the love and attention we give your sweet cats. Don’t feel guilty while you are away we would be delighted in helping with all your kitty needs. Our experienced pet loving staff will give you peace of mind that your beloved feline gets quality attention. We have years of experience caring for animals and just love giving TLC.  Contact us to discuss your unique professional cat sitting needs today!

We would be delighted in cat sitting your older kitties as well. Does your cat need special medications? Does your older cat require an injection? Do you need us to repair a special meal or give pills to your cat?

Cats need extra love and attention and we are just the right people to provide the TLC they need while you are away. Connect with us on Facebook also!

We love cats! Cat Sitting

We love cats! Professional Cat Sitting Service in the Treasure Valley, Idaho

Charlie Kitty Royal Pet Care Cat Sitting Cat Sitting

~Benefits of In Home Pet Care~

  • Pets feel comfortable in their own familiar surroundingsGreat Care for your Feline babies!
  • Don’t worry about your pet getting hurt in a kennel or boarding facility from other animals
  • Individual Pet Attention unique to your pets needs
  • Keep your already established routine
  • Minimizing Stress and Separation Anxiety
  • Avoid exposure to Kennel Illnesses
  • Loving Care for geriatric Dogs & Cats
  • Keep ALL your pets together (We will take care of you cats, puppy, bird and gold fish so you are not having to coordinate or worry about taking them all to different places)

                                Contact Us today to schedule a Meet & Greet to start our Cat Sitting Service!

~Full Service Cat Sitting Includes~

For the Royal Cat:

  •  Feeding
  • Refreshing Water
  • Cleaning Food/Water Bowls
  • Litter Cleaning
  • Belly Rubs
  • Playtime
  • Email/Text message/Picture or Video Updates

For the Castle:

  • Watering Indoor Plants
  • Bringing in the Mail/packages
  • Taking out the Trash
  • Newspaper pickup
  • Home Security Check
  • Moving Blinds/Curtains
  • Light rotation/Turning on and off
  • Professional Pet Sitting Kitty Photo
  • Mom, I’d love to spend time with Royal Pet Care. Please have them come over!