Facts about New Puppies from a Puppy Sitter Boise

Facts about New Puppies from a Puppy Sitter Boise

Did you just get a new puppy? Congratulations on the New Addition to the family!

New Puppies are so cute and adorable! It is important to do your research before you bring home a new addition to the family. A dog is a long time commitment and will require love, time, patience and money. We offer puppy sitting service in the Treasure Valley, Idaho. 

Facts About New Puppies

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Puppy Training Tips from Puppy Sitter

1.) Establish a Feeding Routine- puppies shouldn’t be allowed to free feed because then you can’t monitor when they need to go to the restroom. Watch your puppy for an indicator they need to use the potty

2.) Be Patient- these little darlings are getting used to you, there new home and a new life. Give them time for training and a lot of love!

3.)SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE- I have said this time and time again! Socialize your new  puppy is so very important for them to not be afraid of people, their surroundings and other animals. The rule of thumb (share to me years ago  by a breeder friend) a new puppy needs to meet 100 people in their first 100 days of life!! It doesn’t mean take them to the dog park. It means take them with you to Home Depot, around town to run errands, and over to family/friends homes.

4.) Have Toys always available- puppies will try to nibble on you so redirect their attention to Toys

5.) Regular Veterinarian Care- it is important to keep your puppy healthy with regular vet check ups.

6.) Reward Good Behavior- Treats when your puppy goes potty outside or when your puppy listens to command rewards and praise are important.

7.) Dog Walking– exercise is important to maintain a happy healthy pup

8.) Take LOTS of Photos- You will be amazed at how quickly your puppy grows up so capture the images of them while they are so small. Videos are wonderful also to be able to look back at the joys of bringing your puppy home.

It is important to be the Alpha/pack leaders in your home. It is important to establish rules and a routine for your puppy starting on day one. Remember to always be the first one out the door on a walk.

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Meet Nacho a sweet Havanese Puppy we spent time spoiling on an Overnight