Overnight Pet Care for Your Sweet Pets

Professional Overnight Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home

One of our professional pet sitters we will come and spend the night in your home. We will arrive no later than 8pm and stay the evening leaving the next morning by 8:00 am for our Overnight Pet Care Service. We feed, play and give your animals hours of attention while we are over. If any special treatment is required we can arrange to follow the same routine you already have established with your doggies, cats and little critters. 

This service fills up quickly so, please Contact Us to as soon as you have your travel dates to coordinate. Check out our BLOG about Overnight Pet Care Stories

Overnight Pet Care for your Pets allows them to continue the same routine you have established with them.

Overnight Pet Care for your animals allows them to continue the same routine you have established.

Benefits of In-Home Overnights

~Your Pet can continue their established Routine while you are Away

~They won’t be stressed out because they can sleep at Home

~Your Fur babies get hours of Individual Attention

~ No exposure to possible diseases (from other dogs)

~ Your home is protected while you are away (We ensure your home is safe too)

~ If you have multiple pets it is a more cost effective than Boarding/Kenneling each pet

We can also pair this service up with our Pet Sitting Service for Mid-Day or afternoon visits (many clients do this for potty breaks during the day)

Full Service Overnight Pet Care Details:

For the Royal Pet:

Overnight Pet Care

Overnight Pet CaFeeding

Refreshing Water
Cleaning Food/Water Bowls
Dog Walk
Belly Rubs
Litter Scoop/Change
Bedding Change
Administering Medication
Dog Brushing
Email updates

Overnight Pet Care

Cat’s love to cuddle up with us at night also!

For the Home:                                                 
Watering Indoor Plants
Bringing in the Mail/packages
Taking out the Trash
Newspaper pickup
Home Security Check
Moving Blinds/Curtains
Light rotation/Turning on and off